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Innovative Edu Project for Georgia

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What we want, everybody wants.


To make education the main idea and create a guaranteed and permanent mechanism for the development of the Georgian education system, with lots of positive campaigns and projects that everyone will love."


"We want the education system of Georgia to be closely aligned with the modern technological world."

"Georgian schools will have a guarantee of independent development."

"Georgian schools will have a permanent and independent income individually."

"Students will gain the necessary experience and knowledge/skills that are important for life in today's technological world."

"Students will choose their future professions thoughtfully and be able to find employment in their specialties from the very first year."

"To unite the society around the main idea - education."

"We want to create good campaigns together with schoolchildren that everyone will love."


Media About US


Our Founder Zuka Makharashvili won the Georgian farmers Association and the Ministry of Agriculture's annually award 2023 Farmer of the year near the occupied territories. 











Meurneoba - Project Description


The Meurneoba project aims to establish small and medium-sized enterprises within Georgian schools, introducing the "Enterprise to School" teaching method. The project involves setting up farm or other enterprises on the territories of public schools, under a new brand called "Meurneoba." 

This initiative allows students to gain hands-on practical experience in various fields such as enterprise and agro-technologies, marketing, sales, branding, management, logistics, finance, entrepreneurship, and together 16 professions and essential skills required for successful enterprise management and brand development.


Meurneoba - a model of continuous and sustainable development.


Meurneoba is a project designed for decades, a commercial project with a fully social purpose.

It experiences constant growth and development.

50% of the profits from one Meurneoba will always stay at school and will be used only for education quality development, training courses and projects necessary for the school's or children's development.

The second 50% every year, will be permanently transferred to another school for a new Meurneoba, then 50% of 2 schools for the third school, 50% of 3 for the fourth school, and so on, until 2208 schools in Georgia become beneficiaries of the project."


Meurneoba - The First Project:


The first project involves setting up a 500 sq.m. strawberry greenhouse at Upper Nikozi Public School. This school is located in the Shida Kartli region, Gori municipality, bordering occupied capital city Tskhinvali.

Upper Nikozi village was chosen as the first pilot location for this initiative due to its significance as it sits along the occupation dividing line, only a few meters away from Tskhinvali. The streets of Tskhinvali are clearly visible from Nikozi.

The school in Nikozi currently has 161 students. 

Most of the students have either experienced the war in August 2008 or were born during that time, growing up in the face of occupation.

The surrounding area will be developed to serve as the base of Meurneoba for various permanent campaigns, projects, and events in the future.

The project is innovative for Georgia, as it introduces the 'Enterprise to School' teaching method into the education system for the first time, which will lead to significant changes in the field of school education and production in the country. The project is carried out by Fundraiser, a Georgian crowdfunding platform, under the name of Meurneoba,' future on the websites Meurneoba.com and Meurneoba.ge.


Project Development:


By implementing this ‘Profit sharing principle’, maintaining long-term partnerships with the state organizations, conducting ongoing campaigns and projects, collaborating with local and international organizations, engaging with businesses sector, and consistently fundraising, we aim to expand the project on a large scale within 2 years, encompassing over 5-10 schools. The 50-50% profit sharing from 10 or more Meurneoba will empower us to independently add an average of 2-3 new schools each subsequent year.

Desired result: 20+ schools in 5 years.

"With the establishment of 20 Meurneoba, we aim to expand the project by incorporating 5+ schools every subsequent year.

Meurneoba will always be everyone's favorite and the initiator of necessary projects and campaigns that we will do together with school students.

Our products, branded under the name "Meurneoba," will be available in chain stores and online platforms on our Meurneoba.ge/Shop, and the most popular online markets of Georgia Volt, and Glovo etc. supplemented by various marketing activities.

Through continuous marketing efforts and campaigns, we envision the project consistently capturing the attention of the community and media."


Project Team


The project is implemented by the Georgian crowdfunding platform Fundraiser’s team.

1. Zurab Makharashvili - Project CEO - co-founder and executive director of Fundraiser;

2. Irina Tsagareishvili - Manager of the educational direction of the project - Fundraiser co-founder and project manager; Axel Georgian Business Angel Investor Network - Managing Director.

3. Giorgi Sharvashidze - Operational head of the project - former Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Outsourced works:


Within the framework of the project, leading Agro companies have been selected for contract work, whose experience and reputation are an important guarantee for the successful implementation of the project.

Greenhouse construction, construction purchase, transportation, installation, lecturers, caretaker, watchman, irrigation planning; Agronomist.


Project recommenders


  1. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia: calls on donor organizations to support the project and recommends the project.
  2. The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Georgia, in a special letter, calls on donor organizations to support the project and recommends the project.
  3. Administration of Shida Kartli Region.
  4. Sports and Youth Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.
  5. Education Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.
  6. Committee on Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Parliament of Georgia.
  7. Farmers' Association of Georgia.
  8. Business Association of Georgia.
  9. Professional Skills Development Agency.

Cooperation with local and international organizations is planned within the framework of the project: USAID, UNDP, ENPARD, FAO, Czech and Swiss Development Agencies, American Embassy, etc

Cooperation with the local business organizations is planned with our campaigns and special sponsoring offers.


Campaigns, projects, and activities:


Within the framework of the project, various activities are planned, which will become everyone's favorite and will be carried out together with schoolchildren, resulting in constant and positive media and public attention. The project will act as a unifier, ensuring continuous development in Georgia's education system, with active participation from numerous organizations and individuals.

Constant growth of followers on social channels is expected due to the sensitivity of the project and the planned activities. Special fans will always be present, and their numbers will continuously increase, fostering increased engagement.

The area surrounding school will be developed, establishing a festival, permanent projects, and campaigns as follows:


Campaigns and projects:


Tv show Series of video lessons: A total of 30 series and 16 subjects will be included, covering theoretical and practical lessons. Educational content in the form of video tutorials will enjoy a constantly growing large audience. This series will offer insights into various topics, including construction of production structures, land preparation, greenhouse systems, technologies, agronomic work, sales branding, etc. The process of state accreditation of the course has already begun at the Professional Skills Development Agency and will be completed in August, further promoting the courses.


Olympics in every semester: This entails announcing an Olympiad, where every school in Georgia will participate with the support of the Ministry of Education. Students will be tasked to solve specific problems related to environmental issues, such as plastic packaging alternatives, waste management, and utilization of solar energy. Attractive prizes will be awarded to the Olympiad winners.


Agro tours & Nikozi x Talks: These 2-day agro tours will offer guests lectures and practical agro work during the day, followed by evening TALKS and live art events. Guests will be accommodated in the homes of local residents, with whom agreements have been made. The unique experience will combine knowledge sharing, spending the night in the bordering village of Tskhinvali, attending insightful talks, and experiencing modern Georgian art events.


Media: Given the project's sensitivity, plans are underway to prepare stories for business and daytime programs, ensuring ongoing media interest due to planned marketing activities.


Creating a community: The project aims to build a community of fans and supporters who have contributed to its creation and development. A special ALL TIME LIST will be announced during the project's events, offering community members exclusive discounts on corporate and individual purchases. The community page on the website will showcase all organizations affiliated with the Meurneoba community.


Visits of delegations and media coverage: The village of Nikoz regularly hosts visits from various representatives and foreign guests. The "Meurneoba" project will be one of the main locations for these visits, with delegations from the Ministry of Education, Agriculture, and Foreign Affairs personally witnessing the project's progress.


Special promotions: Strawberry desserts will be introduced in various restaurants on Volt and Glovo, offered as part of special promotions to attract customers.


Peace Festival: An annual Peace Festival dedicated to audio and visual contemporary art will be established, becoming a tradition and lasting for years.


Peace Garden: A 400 sq.m area will feature a Peace Garden with beautiful landscape design and lighting. The main peace tree will be planted in this unique location, enclosed with special lighting and subject to independent marketing activities.



Meurneoba Café - Adjacent to the greenhouse, a second plot of land with a house has been rented to establish a Meurneoba café, welcoming guests and serving dishes made from local products. The space will also host small and acceptable events and will be renovated according to the project's design.


Peace campaigns and activities - John Lennon Peace Wall & Strawberry Fields Forever!

A 30-meter-long and 3-meter-high wall will be built, bearing a special load: the names of all individuals and organizations will be engraved on the wall, preserving their memory forever. The wall will be artistically painted, adorned with various lighting features, and more. Additionally, a 300-square-meter area will be dedicated to planting Strawberry Fields Forever.


Campaign to Save Fireflies with Fireflies.org - Fireflies, an endangered species, will be bred in collaboration with foreign international organizations. These fireflies will grace the Peace Garden of Nikosi, enhancing its beauty.


Thanksgiving Day - We have already initiated the campaign "Thank you for what you do" through https://thankyou.ge/. The funds received from this campaign were utilized to rent a plot of land, clean the area, develop a 125-lesson syllabus, and sign contracts, in agreement with the Professional Skills Development Agency and other necessary agencies. The next phase of the Thankyou.ge campaign will involve establishing a day of thanksgiving, which will witness an increasing number of participants every year, becoming a significant event for many individuals who deserve sincere gratitude for their contributions.


Sheltering and fostering 2 homeless dogs - as part of the project, which will be introduced to everyone through independent marketing activities, contributing to the rescue of other homeless animals.


Area development map:


Project location description

Upper Nikozi is a village on the occupation dividing line near Tskhinvali. The streets and houses of Tskhinvali can be clearly seen from the village, Nikozi is a bordering village of 

Tskhinvali. The August 2008 war passed through the village of Nikozi and affected each child personally.

Village is separated by a fence erected by them.

Based on this fact, visits and activities of various delegations are constantly held in the village of Upper Nikozi.



The area next to the Public School is ideal for the project. The school is located in the center of Upper Nikozi, surrounded by a large football stadium area and green space.

The greenhouse area is located in the back yard of the school, on 30 meters of secluded land surrounded by trees.

Together with the greenhouse, a garden of peace will be planted in the area, Meurneoba Café  live art events will be held in the yard, and large-scale sports and festival events will be held in the large square adjacent to the greenhouse and the school.

Various installations, lights and visual beautification will be installed in the area.


Meurneoba - on social networks:


We anticipate having hundreds of thousands of students on our social media platforms, with the number increasing over the years. Our campaigns will engage not only students but also their parents and a broader audience.

Various types of activities and consistent growth in subscribers are planned within the project, with the creation of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, and Telegram channels serving various communication purposes.

With our planned activities and the sensitivity of the project, we expect significant support on social networks, with substantial backing for video content, photo campaigns, and news. Media coverage of project events will also be extensive.


Importance and Results of the Project:


Meurneoba" stands as a historic initiative for Georgian school education, with the primary goal of providing schools an independent income for their development while equipping students with essential knowledge and experience crucial for success in the modern world.

As per the project's guidelines, the generated income will be utilized solely for projects vital to the school's or children's development. Schools will have the opportunity to invest in special courses, master classes, technical equipment, or training sessions.

The significance of "Meurneoba" extends not only to schools but also to the students enrolled in the program. Graduating from a Georgian school will no longer leave them unfamiliar with the modern world. They will possess invaluable theoretical and practical experiences, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future professions and directions. Additionally, securing employment in their chosen fields during the first semester of their studies will become a feasible reality, facilitating their ongoing development.

The systematic implementation of the Enterprise to School teaching method will play a crucial role in fostering children's development and elevating the overall quality of education.


Consider the potential results from just the first year of the Nikosi project as an example: 

With the profits from the greenhouse, the school is in negotiations with the IT Step Academy to purchase a full 1-year programming course. According to surveys, out of the 161 students in Nikosi, approximately 30-40 students will be certified programmers from the IT Step Academy, in addition to completing the Enterprise to School course and gaining experience within it. These students will be highly employable and can secure high-paying jobs in their first year.

Now, envision this impact across all schools, benefiting thousands of Georgian students who will possess such knowledge and experience. The project's potential is immense, with far-reaching implications for the development and future success of the students and the education system as a whole.


Brand Meurneoba


"Meurneoba" brand, future meurneoba.com, meurneoba.ge and eventually Meurneoba.edu which will be focused only on improving the education system. It will be everyone's favorite brand with lots of fans and customers.

Planned marketing activities and development strategy will help us to keep the Meurneoba relevant both through the direct involvement of people in our campaigns and through various events and media coverage.

Meurneoba will unite many people or organizations in the pursuit of the most valuable goals.

Meurneoba will become everyone's favorite brand, which will give everyone the opportunity to join us and get involved in the most important work.

We will become everyone's favorite brand that allows everyone to do a lot of good.


Official media partners:


First Channel, Adjara TV and Radio, Marketer.ge, On.ge, At.ge, Publika.ge BM.ge and others.

Negotiations are ongoing on a daily basis and we are adding new media agencies as partners, who will always cover the project's activities.


Current Status Update:


We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the first phase, and we are now fully prepared for the second phase, commencing in August. The project's official opening will coincide with the start of studies, marked by an impressive presentation with distinguished guests.


  1. We have accomplished a successful fundraising campaign, "Thank you for what you do" https://thankyou.ge Subsequently, we secured a 5000 sq.m. area behind the public school in the village of Zemo Nikozi, with an agreement to extend the lease for an additional 5 years.
  2. We have established media partnership agreements with prominent TV and media platforms.
  3. Our collaboration with leading agricultural companies in Georgia has been cemented, entrusting them with agronomic and greenhouse technical matters.
  4. Agreements for cooperation have been reached with the Ministry of Education and all other essential state agencies: Administration of Shida Kartli, Gori City Hall, Ministry of Agriculture, Education Committee of the Parliament, Sports and Youth Committee of the Parliament, and Agriculture Committee of the Parliament.
  5. The project has received approval from the school administration, and we have signed a 3-year contract with the school.
  6. We have developed a comprehensive 5-year marketing plan.
  7. A detailed 10-year development plan has been created.
  8. The course syllabus has been finalized, consisting of 69 lectures and 57 practical lessons.
  9. We have successfully secured agreements with lecturers who will deliver the lectures to students in accordance with the syllabus.
  10. The project has garnered a substantial following of fans and supporters.
  11. The process of state accreditation for the course has commenced with the Professional Skills Development Agency.
  12. Our collaboration with Georgian startups enables us to introduce their products and technologies, supporting them while utilizing their services.
  13. We are in the process of renting a second plot, complete with a house, which will serve as the venue for the Meurneoba café, and reception space for various events.


The progress achieved so far showcases the project's potential and paves the way for a promising future as we move forward with the Meurneoba initiative.


Attached Files: 


  1. Agro Solutions AS Group – Partnership Letter
  2. Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia – Recommendation Letter
  3. Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia – Recommendation Letter
  4. Local Government City Hall of Gori – Recommendation Letter
  5. Georgian Business Association – Recommendation Letter
  6. Georgian Farmers Association – Recommendation Letter
  7. Public Broadcaster – Media Partnership Letter
  8. Adjara Tv and Radio – Media Partnership Letter
  9. At.ge – Media Partnership Letter
  10. On.ge – Media Partnership Letter
  11. Course Syllabus


Contact info: 


Zurab Makharashvili – CEO at Meurneoba Education